Spring in to the perfect skin regime!


Spring is finally here, and more importantly so is our brand new website!
We hope you enjoy looking around, finding new products to love, and treating yourself to something a little special. After all, the season of spring is all about rejuvenation.

With that in mind, now is the perfect time to inject some new life in to your skin regime. After the harsh conditions of winter – central heating and biting winds can translate to dry and itchy skin – your face could be in dire need of a little TLC.

Never fear, at Mitonia, we’re always on the look-out for essential tips, tricks and skin care secrets to keep you looking and feeling your best whatever the season.

Spring clean your cosmetics
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Cosmetics have use-by dates just like food, and their recommended lifespan can often be found on their packaging. It might be a little difficult, but ideally you should get rid of any products you’ve had open for more than 6 months.

Open pots and bottles form a build-up of bacteria that can easily lead to clogged pores and dull skin, unless they are in airless pumps.
If you use makeup brushes, and we can’t stress this enough, it’s imperative that you wash them. From causing spots, and aggravating allergies and daily skin irritations, consider cleaning your brushes at least once a fortnight to ensure all of your gorgeous cosmetics are enhancing your natural beauty to their full potential.

Ultraviolet protection
dragons blood tree
Find a product with an amazing UV filter to protect from harmful UV rays. You might think that the slightly damp and cloudy April weather means you can avoid sun care for another couple of months, but don’t be fooled. We often forget how strong the sun can be at this time of year, and clouds do little to stop those UV rays.
Beauté Mediterranea’s Dragon’s Blood Regenerative Cream contains UV filters for daily protection from harmful rays, as well as Croton Lechleri tree resin (also known as Dragon’s Blood) which provides amazing regenerative properties to the skin.

Replenish the skin
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Winter weather can really take its toll on the overall condition of your skin, and it’s so important to be able to replenish any moisture that has been lost. Keeping skin hydrated is where you need to start, so the product you choose should contain deeply hydrating ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid)  – which holds on to water, and is found naturally in the dermis of the skin.
Beauté Mediterranea High Tech Hyaluronic Complex Cream is formulated with a high concentration of Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), reducing trans-epidermal water loss and improving the skins elasticity.

Focus on cleansing
micellar water
While cleansing is the backbone of every good skincare routine, it’s even more important during the these months when you’re wearing SPF more often.
Introducing Micellar Water… Not a toner, not a cleansing milk, and definitely not a face wash. Micellar Water removes makeup and cleanses the skin without the need for rinsing.
Tiny round balls of cleansing molecules float in the water and, when you apply the product to your skin, the oil and dirt on your face is swept away easily.
Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, the marigold found in Beauté Mediterranea Micellar Cleansing Water makes for a gentle but effective cleansing agent, powerful enough to remove eye makeup, but without the tingling or tightening effect you can find with other cleansing products.

Beauté Mediterranea products are available in the UK from Mitonia.

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