A range of luxury cosmetic products and treatments that have been completely developed in the fight against stretch marks, by directly treating the cause, unlike emollients that just moisturise the surface of the epidermis allowing it to expand and be supple but don’t get to the cause. Stretch mark creams that not only address stretch marks but treat and protect the skin and improve the skins health. In addition, through a innovative technique of neurocosmetics, they are able to reduce the levels of cortisol, the hormone that produces stress, so that both you and your baby are ensured a better quality of wellbeing. Products free from all the nasty things that shouldn’t be in cosmetic products, whether you are pregnant or not, benefiting both you and the environment.

What are Stretch Marks?

The reason stretch marks are caused is when the dermis tears. Skin stretched through any rapid growth or changes in body weight produces tearing. Stretch marks are a usual consequence of pregnancy and the hormonal changes maternity brings. But they can also be attributed to puberty, bodybuilding and those on replacement therapy, all of which are hormone related. Like many things. and particularly relating to skincare, prevention is the key to maintain your skin in optimal condition.

Some people have gained stretch marks over the years, and as these stretch marks over time change colour, from red/purple initially to eventually white/silvery in colour. The opportunity to reduce or rid yourself of white stretch marks becomes lessened with prolonged time. Therefore in the fight against stretch marks it is imperative the early treatment, or preferably the prevention approach, as red stretch marks are treatable and can be removed. By using ME AND ME Anti-stretch Marks Firming Cream at the onset of your pregnancy you can take a proactive prevention approach to your skincare needs and avoid unsightly and unnecessary stretch marks.