Face serums are very different to face moisturisers and should be seen as an addition to your skincare regime along with your moisturiser.

Face serums, in most cases, are seen as lightweight moisturisers that can penetrate deeper in the skins layers to deliver the necessary active ingredients in order to address the specific concern. However a serum doesn’t replace a moisturiser, a face serum should be seen as a compliment within your skincare regime, and an added boost of needed active ingredients to treat the skin.

The biggest difference between face serums and face moisturizers is what serums don’t include. Serums leave out the ‘sealing’ ingredients used to keep water from evaporating from the skin which keeps it hydrated. Serums also contain fewer fillers, thickeners and lubricating agents, therefore sun protection is imperative when only using a serum.

Why add a face serum to my skincare regime?

A face serum is a concentration of the active ingredients that are used to treat any skincare concern, and by default they are more expensive than thickeners and other ingredients that are necessary in moisturisers. It is for this reason serums are often the costliest product in most skincare collections. Serums are invariably formulated using very small molecules so that the skin absorbs them quickly and deeply. They should be seen as the extra ‘boost’ product that helps with combating your skincare concern within your regime.

By using a serum regularly it can give your skin a firmer, smoother texture, make pores appear smaller and increase moisture levels. Your moisturiser will then help lock-in all these benefits for the skin whilst keeping it moisturised.

Do I need a face serum and a moisturiser?

The simple answer is yes, as they have different functions within the treating of any skincare concern. and both should form part of your skincare regime. It is Important that your face serum is always applied directly to your skin after cleansing and/or toning and before your moisturiser and sun protection. They absorb quickly, and can be used both morning and night. Moisturisers are thicker and creamier than serums. They’re meant to hydrate the skin and prevent water loss and so for this reason they are always applied after the serum.

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