Face cream for dry skin are necessary as part of an affective skincare regime for those who suffer from dry skin. However, there are many factors that can cause our skin to be dry. Only around 15% of the population has naturally dry skin, for the remainder it is other factors that contribute to the skin being dry.

Healthy skin contains water as well as essential fats, oils and skin cells at the epidermis level. If the skin isn’t producing the correct amounts of lipids and oils, together with healthy skin cells, then it won’t be able to maintain the skin barrier and retain the needed water within the skin, as a consequence it will become dry.

There are both external and internal factors that can affect the moisture is our skin, and most cases it is a combination of more than just one factor. External factors such as hot and cold weather, low humidity or environmental pollution, not forgetting that using hot water on our skin or harsh soaps can strip the essential oils from the skin surface. Internal factors like hormonal changes – maternity for instance – the use of certain medications, diet and stress all play a role in causing our skin to loose hydration and become dry.

Dry skin needs to be hydrated

When skin is dry it can often feel uncomfortable, itchy and with redness, so it is very important that the products that we use, either moisturisers and/or serums, are formulated to bring the greatest source of hydration and moisture to the skin. Ensuring that the skin is both infused with active ingredients that give the required moisture to the varying layers of the skin, as well as then protect the skin in order to maintain its lipidic barrier (the skin’s moisture shield) therefore helping to lock the moisture in, greatly improving the skin’s appearance and how it feels. Important active ingredients such as the powerful hyaluronic acid are vital as part of the formulation in effective face creams for dry skin.