Luxury body creams. Cosmetic body products and treatments that offer highly-effect solutions to everyday skin needs for the body. Skincare products that have been specially formulated to help keep the skin supple, hydrated, treated and protected, assisting with the skin’s regenerative process, whether it be hands, feet or the body. Body products and treatments that are results driven, but that are gentle to you and respect both you and the environment and it sustainability.

Skincare products and treatments for the body?

Our skin is the biggest organ of the body, and of that, the majority of skin is on our body and not on our face. Today, everyone is well advised and therefore conscience of the need to look after the skin on our face, but most people forget or neglect the skin on our body. The body skin has the same needs and requirements as the skin on our face, as it goes through the same processes. Apart for the need to remove the dead cells through exfoliation, something that is very overlooked when treating the body, the body’s skin needs to be treated and protected to avoid the most common of skin conditions like:

  • Lack of firmness, sagging skin
  • Lack of hydration, dry rough skin
  • Prevention and reduction of stretch marks, due to increase in body size and/or weight
  • Reduction of cellulite, unsightly visible fat deposits close to the surface of the skin

One point that has to be made clear and that is that cosmetics are not the only answer when addressing the skin needs of the body. Optimal results can only come from a holistic approach to your lifestyle, so when using body products and treatments in order to gain the best outcome you must also consider a healthy diet, an exercise regime and the ability to relax as stress is an important  factor in the wellbeing of your body and subsequently the condition that your skin is in.

All products are PARABEN FREE