Miriam quevedo Luxury haircare and skincare products

Miriam Quevedo is a true 21st Century luxury cosmetic brand based in Barcelona Spain. With decades of experience formulating and manufacturing high quality cosmetic products, their knowhow and industry knowledge is second to none. Manufacturing innovative luxury haircare and skincare products in order to constantly fight “global anti-aging,” and finding solutions to our ever increasing need for beauty through health and wellbeing.

Miriam Quevedo uses in their formulations the latest technologically advancements in active ingredients (amino acids, peptides, proteins etc.) as well as innovative organic botanical extracts from fair trade practices. These active ingredients are used in the highest concentrations permitted to guarantee effective results, supported by efficiency tests. With a keen eye on the need to be kinder and conscious of what we apply to our skin and hair, Miriam Quevedo goes the extra mile to ensure that their products are kind to our bodies, providing healthier and more beautiful results.

A dynamic brand who have managed to build a luxury cosmetic brand that delivers on its promise, upholds the need for quality, listens to consumer and market needs, and is constantly searching for innovative solutions, without ever losing the increasingly important personal touch, that of the founder, Miriam Quevedo.

Miriam Quevedo Luxury skincare and haircare products