Getting back into shape after your bundle of joy has arrived

For most women giving birth is an amazing and lifechanging experience, however one of the biggest worries for pregnant mums-to-be is, will I ever get back to how I was? The answer is yes, but there are a few steps that can be taken to help you get on the right track.

Here are some tips to help you with that thought process and its eventuality of getting back into shape after your bundle of joy has arrived.

Exercise and pregnancy – are good friends

The road to achieving that successful weight loss, postpartum, is something that should start long before your bundle of joy enters this world, and actually starts while you are pregnant. Regular exercise will help two-fold, in that during this crucial time it helps to keep those muscles lean and active making getting back into shape that much easier. It also means that returning to an exercise routine later on so much easier too.

Correct form and posture – the rules

As we are all aware during pregnancy the body goes through various modifications and changes, some to the extreme. For this reason, it is important to adhere the postnatal abdominal bracing techniques that are readily explained in many postpartum books, helping draw in the pelvic floor and the lower abdominal muscles. It is essential to breathe and stand correctly during the day ensuring that you maintain the perfect posture. Try to avoid too much pressure on your back and try and stand with your abdominal muscles drawn in, your shoulders back and gently nod your chin in. This is the posture that you should be aiming to maintain as often as possible during the day.

Love me – love my skin

Most pregnant mums-to-be understand the need for specific pregnancy skincare products to help treat, nourish and protect the skin during pregnancy. But what most mums after their bundle of joy is with them tend to do, is focus their love on their baby and sadly forget to love themselves too. To be able to give your baby the very best you have to first feel your best, so taking care of your skin postnatal is paramount, not only for your overall goal of getting back into shape after giving birth, but also for your mental wellbeing of taking the time to look after you, so you are able to look after your loved ones.

For instance, using a bust firming cream can help to bring back the firmness to your breast, especially if you are breastfeeding. However, it is important to ensure that the product you use is suitable to use whilst breastfeeding, like the ME AND ME Bust Firming Balm for Stretch Marks, which apart from firming also addresses those unwanted signs of stretch marks. Whether it be your tummy, thighs, hips, legs or breast, the ME AND ME range of luxury skincare products has everything to treat, protect and recover your skin after you have delivered, leaving your skin hydrated, firmer and back into shape, whilst avoiding those dreaded stretch marks.

ME AND ME pre and postnatal luxury range of skincare products

A supportive bra – your key ally

We have already established that having a baby significantly alters the entire body. The breast is one of the parts of the body that stays in this modified state for the longest, and as such need to be cared for specifically. The use of a quality supportive bra will be helpful in this case. Almost all women struggle with one of the following issues: asymmetrical, smaller, or less firm breast or lack of breast volume and loose skin. By using a quality supportive bra, you can help your breasts back to normal.

Breastfeeding – what we didn’t know

Every mother knows the importance of breastfeeding, but it’s surprising that not many people know that it can help you lose weight after giving birth because the body burns extra calories to be able to produce milk. Research shows that you tend to burn about 500 calories per day by just breastfeeding.

Drink, drink, drink – water

As in any lifestyle that promotes our wellbeing and living a healthier life, it is always mentioned that it is very important to drink a fair amount of water on a daily basis.

After pregnancy it is just as important too, not only for the obvious, and here’s why: water keeps you hydrated, it helps with the production of breast milk, it also assists the body in flushing away all the excess fluid left after pregnancy.

The 6-weeks rule – out of the window!

It’s not necessary to wait for that magic 6-week rule to be over to start exercising. The longer that you wait after birth the longer your body stays in a relaxed state and you get weaker. It’s better to start as soon as possible. However, be careful of the type of exercise you do, as you do not want to strain or harm your body, only work at the pace that you are comfortable with to begin.

[Images: ME AND ME / Step to Health / iStock / Mitonia]