Carelia the Authenticity of Nature

Carelia Petits Natural Care is a range of natural personal care products for children conceived with great care and attention, in close collaboration with expert dermatologists.

High tolerance essential cosmetics, with exquisite textures and smells. Carelia offers the perfect care for babies and children with eczema and sensitive skin. Toxic free from parabens, mineral oils, petroleum, sulphates, phthalates, PEG’s other additives which we consider unnecessary.

We only use natural ingredients like oatmeal, marigold, honey, bisabolol, shea butter, aloe vera or cottonseed and sweet almond oils.

Eco-Friendly Philosophy with an attractive packaging

In addition, our company philosophy leads us to care for every single detail to the maximum, from the selection of ingredients and processing up to the selling of our products.

Our packaging is also environmentally friendly, since we use of HDPE and glass bottles that do not emit toxins and can be recycled easily.

The whole product line of Carelia, soft shampoo and body wash, moisturizing body lotion and cologne, completely respects the most delicate skin while providing all the nutrients and defences necessary for day to day.

Carelia, a decision with heart

“I have always believed in the idea of cosmetics as being capable of combining efficiency and elegance with the essence of nature.” – Inés Navas, Founder and Director of Carelia

Carelia was founded in 2013 as a result of the concerns of its director and founder, Inés Navas, for the full health care, safety and welfare of her daughters Carla and Claudia.

Inés, aware of the importance of skincare for the smallest kids, would offer her own daughters the best natural product, free of harmful substances.

And that’s how they developed a line of shampoo and shower gel, moisturizing body lotion and cologne able to care for natural and deep skin
for their daughters, while providing them the pleasure of a smooth and lasting fragrance in their memory. In Carelia, affection and protection served as premise throughout its development, incorporating the healthiest active ingredients possible for sensitive skin care. A range of natural cosmetics designed with great care and attention, in close collaboration with expert dermatologists, for babies and children, even for those who need special care since having atopic or hypersensitive skin. High tolerance essential cosmetics, exquisite textures and smells. Toxic free as parabens, mineral oils and other additives which we consider unnecessary.

Carelia, full name of love

The brand’s name comes from a double combination. On the one hand, the union of the name of its founder’s daughters, Carla and Claudia, who have been the inspiration and the engine to create our delicate line of children’s cosmetics.

And on the other hand, the sum of the word “Care” (in English) with “Family” because with Carelia’s cosmetics we are able to take care to the most of the skin of our whole family, since they are products based on the combination of natural ingredients traditionally used and proven effective for all skin types

Our Promise. To ensure that…

We only use ingredients of suitable affinity with the skin, with formulas based on the selection and combination of natural plant extracts.

We eliminate from all our formulation the superfluous ingredients that are not needed for skin care.

The preservative system is the minimum necessary to ensure product quality.
We wanted to use fragrance, which has been carefully selected for its absence of allergens and delicate aroma. The first olfactory memories of childhood are held in a special place in the brain. Who has not ever felt a certain smell of their childhood and has been transported to a pleasant memory of the past?

Our products have been subjected to repeated inspections and evaluations by expert dermatologists and paediatricians. Tested on volunteers with sensitive and atopic skin, which confirmed their high tolerance.

Our products have never been tested on animals.

The packaging is performed also with HDPE and glass bottles that do not emit toxins and recycled easily. Its metering system protects the contents from contamination by contact with fingers, while facilitating its implementation.

The quality of our products is regulated under the Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council on cosmetic products.

Why Natural Cosmetics

Because the natural plant origin ingredients are more akin to the structure of our skin. Dermatological studies indicate that 60% of the products we apply on the skin end up in our bloodstream. By avoiding the use of paraffin or other petroleum, pores are not clogged and it allows the skin to breathe and absorb beneficial substances.

Plant cells and human skin cells are very similar, thus the skin can easily integrate the active herbal substances in our metabolism processes providing moisture in the deeper layers. It boosts the self-regenerating capacity restoring its natural balance, strengthening and improving the skin functions. It is most effective and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

The skin of babies and children is very sensitive, simple formulas which are appropriate to its neutral pH (around 7) that combines plant extracts with gentle cleansers help to strengthen its natural protection, ensuring beautiful, healthy skin. And, because in Carelia, Natural Care Petits, our first goal is the health of our children.

Discover our secret and all our child natural cosmetics products of Carelia.

Ines Navas, founder of Carelia Petits Natural Care