Victor Toro – Luxury Natural Haircare Gender-Neutral, Vegan, Cruelty-Free

Victor Toro, a Spanish luxury natural haircare brand that proudly carries the name of the renowned catwalk stylist and hairdresser, Victor Toro, its creator. Along with his brother and sister, José and Eva, Victor created a hugely successful network of luxuriously stylish hair salons within Spain. Salons that are revered for their truly holistic, yet always avant-garde, creative approach to styling, and frequented by the rich and famous.

Victor Toro sets an exciting new benchmark in the sector of luxury and highly effective natural haircare products and treatments, with its principal focus on wellbeing. The product range is an extension of Victor and his clear ideas of how hair should look, feel and move, combined with his ever-present perspective on the industry and a fervent desire to make haircare easy and understandable for everyone. He wants people to not just see results, but to be able to feel and live the lavish difference too. A natural haircare brand that can wholeheartedly satisfy the senses, on all levels… Look, feel, and live the difference.

Victor Toro luxury natural products and treatments incorporate a revolutionary vision for the haircare sector, which is based on the circadian rhythm principles. In our ever-busy lifestyles, without us even noticing, our bodies are constantly bombarded with daily stresses that unbalance the natural 24h cycles of our body’s cells. Victor Toro has successfully used a revolutionary active ingredient, found across the entire product range, to rebalance the circadian rhythm. This botanical extract was inspired in the Medicine Nobel Prize of 2017 which analyses the molecular mechanism that take place in the body controlling the circadian rhythm. This pioneering natural active ingredient helps to re-synchronise the cells biological clock, to re-establish that perfect balance for both hair and scalp. A true first for the haircare sector. Another of the innovative natural active ingredients is the use of rambutan, purchased through Freetrade sources, this botanic active ingredient rebalances the microbiota of both scalp and hair for a much-improved healthier approach.

All Victor Toro products are formulated using innovative natural and botanic active ingredients, carefully selected and combined using state-of-the-art technology to offer the best natural solution to haircare concerns and needs, with unbelievably effective results. Ingredients that are sustainably sourced, using Fairtrade suppliers where possible, ensuring the best holistic wellbeing approach for both the hair and the environment. Natural, delicate fragrances have been masterfully composed to complement each of the collections. The Victor Toro experience is designed in such a way that it offers the customer a complete luxury holistic haircare regime, when using the products and treatments. Starting the regime with a botanic scalp peel, then the shampoo and mask depending on your specific needs, enhancing shock treatments, and finally finishing with a luxurious serum.

With its elegant, modern approach to luxury, the Victor Toro packaging truly reflects all the values and ethos that the brand and its products stand for. Clean, simple minimalistic lines that exude the idea of natural, luxury, quality and trust. Single use packaging to ensure recycling, wood-free paper, cellophane from cellulose and with texts that are concise, unfussy and efficient.

All Victor Toro products are safe for all hair types, clean, natural, gender-neutral, vegan-friendly and not tested on animals. As products they are sulphate – paraben – phthalates – PEG’s – petrolatum – mineral oils FREE. They also use plant-based alternatives to silicones. Simply natural haircare.