ME AND ME was born from the profound knowledge of its founders of the transformations and body needs of pregnant women and recent mothers and years of specialization in cosmetics dedicated to their treatment and care.

ME and ME is based on the conviction of Sonia Almela – pharmaceutical and cosmetologist expert in the world of high-end cosmetics – and Belén Aracil – specialist in aesthetics and responsible for the formation of different cosmetic brands – of which it is possible to create high-efficiency cosmetic products that offer better solutions to concrete situations in real life, such as pregnancy.

For this, we have created our range of  high-efficiency cosmetic solutions for pregnant women and recent mothers. A line of products that respond to your specific needs, treating and preparing your skin for all the changes you will experience in this vital stage.

Can you imagine cosmetics that not only benefits your skin?

This is ME and ME. Because the stress of pregnancy can affect your baby and it is important that you are as relaxed as possible. So our products not only give you obvious results after the first few applications, but also an emotional benefit. We have based our formulas on the most recent biotechnological research and the principles of neurocosmetics to include ingredients that reduce the production of cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress – helping you to avoid tension and feel better.

ME AND ME products can be found in our Skincare products