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Beaute Mediterranea is the passion for natural beauty.

The savoir faire of our prestigious laboratory reaches your skin and beyond. In each of our bottles there is an authentic revelation for all skin types, the reason to be of Beauté Mediterranea: the active ingredient.

Discover our secret, choose an active ingredient: et voilà! Skincare products and treatments for todays modern lifestyle.

Beaute Mediterranea Cosmeceuticals

The word cosmeceutical is the amalgamation of two words; cosmetics and pharmaceutical. Cosmeceutical products are those cosmetics products that have been moved closer to the pharmaceutical product level due to the high concentrations of the active ingredients, but that still remain with the legislation of what is regarded as a cosmetic product.

After more than 35 years in the cosmetics industry, our R+D team has developed unique formulas using the highest quality ingredients at a studied concentration. All these act on very specific needs of the skin: wrinkles, aging processes and loss of firmness, among others. A new way of beauty that reveals the simplicity of the facial care.

The design of the new line stands out from the designs of others, creating a unique image and clear concept to consumer. Reinforcing the idea of the cosmeceutical concept in that the benefit of the product is the chemical formula itself. The inner packaging has the classical look of the pharmaceutical packaging, and the outer packaging that of a pharmacists prescription, and yet the brand retains its positioning as a modern-day, avant-garde effective cosmetic brand.

All Beaute Mediterranea products are paraben-free

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