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Miriam Quevedo luxury beauty products

Miriam Quevedo is a true 21st Century luxury cosmetic brand based in Barcelona Spain. With decades of experience formulating and manufacturing high quality cosmetic products, their knowhow and industry knowledge is second to none.

Beauté Mediterranea luxury beauty products

The Beauté Mediterranea identity takes the form directly from that of a prescription by a doctor. The BM research team has worked hard to develop, in its own laboratory, highly concentrated formulas, wherein the latest generation of active ingredient takes the leading role of the brand, and in each product line.

Santi Burgas luxury beauty products

The SANTI BURGAS brand was born in 2008 in the heart of the Empordà region, in an old storehouse previously used for drying rice but now converted into an alternative and avant-garde world in the field of the Author Perfumery.