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Beauté Mediterranea is a range of highly-efficient cosmeceutical skincare products and solutions.

The research team work hard to develop, in its own laboratory, highly concentrated formulas, wherein the latest generation of active ingredient takes the leading role of the brand, and in each of the product lines. Clearly focused skincare products for everyday life.

SANTI BURGAS is an exclusive brand of author perfumes designed to evoke unique sensations and experiences.

Developed with the highest quality of essentials oils available worldwide. This is an alternative and avant-garde world in the field of the author perfumery, creating masterpieces in a bottle.

Carelia Petits Natural Care is a range of natural personal care products for babies and infants conceived with great care and attention, in close collaboration with expert dermatologists.

High tolerance essential cosmetics, with exquisite textures and smells. Carelia offers the perfect care for babies and children with eczema and sensitive skin.

ME AND ME the luxury skincare brand developed for mothers-to-be and recent mothers.

Pregnancy products and treatment for fighting stretch marks using innovative natural ingredients. Skin that is nourished, treated and protected whilst caring for the wellbeing of you, your baby and the environment and its sustainability. Exceptional cosmetics for great mothers-to-be.

It is more than reasonable to say that at Júlia they know a lot about beauty and its art. From the very start of this amazing journey in 1939, the Founder, Mrs Júlia Bonet dedicated her entire working life to bring to customers the very best beauty products together with the very best customer attention. This unique formula has proved to be one of the most important factors in the incredible success of the Júlia holding company.

Victor Toro, a Spanish luxury natural haircare brand that proudly carries the name of the renowned catwalk stylist and hairdresser, Victor Toro, its creator. Along with his brother and sister, José and Eva, Victor created a hugely successful network of luxuriously stylish hair salons within Spain. Salons that are revered for their truly holistic, yet always avant-garde, creative approach to styling, and frequented by the rich and famous.