Blue Light. Are you protected?

Our lives have drastically changed in the last few months, we are now in the midst of a global pandemic, and social distancing has become the norm. Although we are seeing the world attempt to open up again for business with social distancing in mind, the universal message remains; stay at home. For the major part, our lives are now on screen via the internet. We have not only seen the rapid decline of ‘office’ culture, bringing the rise of the work-from-home culture, but it is through digital screens where we now contact our colleagues, friends and loved ones the most. It’s the new way of life and it’s here to stay, but could this new way of life be causing us more harm than good?


What is Blue Light?

Blue light (High-Energy Visible Light) is a type of visible light that is emitted by our mobile, laptop and tablet screens, LEDs, fluorescent lights, and also by the sun. Much like the sunshine, a small dose of this blue light is important and healthy. It can actually elevate your mood, help your memory, and boost your alertness, but too much can complete mess with your circadian rhythms, often resulting in insomnia. Wondering why you’re struggling to get some beauty sleep? It may be due to over-exposure to blue light. Shutting off all electronics an hour before bed is recommended for good sleep and a healthy night-time routine. But good sleep is the least of our concerns when it comes to blue light and its damaging effects.

Why is it so damaging?

All this time when you are on your mobiles, computers or tablets, blue light is penetrating the inner layers of your skin, speeding up the ageing process in your skin. Although there’s no direct evidence that blue light causes cancer, it is just as harmful to the skin as unprotected exposure to the sun and its damaging UVA/UVB rays. Blue light causes the skin cells to release enzymes that breakdown your collagen and elastin, these are what keep your skin looking plump and youthful. Without collagen and elastin, your skin sags and wrinkles develop. As we grow older, our skin naturally loses its collagen and elastin, but there are factors such as blue light and the sunshine that can speed this process, making it irreversible. These factors cause oxidative stress… and any kind of stress is not good for the skin if you want to maintain a youthful and nurtured skin.

How can you protect against Blue Light?

Don’t sit in the sun for too long, and don’t sit on your mobile phone for too long either, so how can we attain a balance in order to keep looking good and avoid serious ageing to our skin? Making it a daily habit to wear SPF sunscreen cream is a good start, but until now current sunscreens won’t shield you from the damaging blue light that your skin endures every day, all day. This is why staying on top of your beauty routine is necessary, because understanding your skin and what your skin needs is imperative when caring for it. The key in attaining the perfect balance is not only in protecting your skin, but also in knowing how to nourish it. Moisturisers are an absolute necessity and must be just as present in your skincare routine as SPF sunscreen cream. Moisture helps sustain the elastin in your skin, dry skin enhances wrinkles and if there’s no moisture present, then the wrinkles deepen.

It is important to know what’s best for your skin, but the modern-day enemy that is blue light remains, and your average SPF sunscreen cream has its limits. An SPF sunscreen product that shields you from blue light, whilst preventing skin ageing, is the ultimate solution. SPF products that work against oxidative stress, providing holistic protection from blue light and UVA/UVB rays, are highly recommended. The Spanish luxury skincare manufacturer, Júlia Bonet, has recently launched their global sun protection collection, Sun Defence. One of their amazing products in the collection includes the Júlia Bonet Sun Defence SPF 30 facial cream, which will shield you from the damaging UVA/UVB rays as well as blue light. Not only does it give you full coverage protection, but it is also waterproof, which means even if you get wet or sweaty, protection is still guaranteed. There is also a Sun Defence SPF 30 body cream, as well as Sun Defence SPF 50+ facial cream for extreme protection. Whilst protecting you from harsh light-exposure, the innovative active ingredients in the Júlia Bonet Sun Defence collection reverse the effects of light-induced damage. This is due to pioneering active ingredients such as Phytactyl and Lumicease, which are included within the state-of-the-art formulations to protect against the effects of ageing skin, with a more holistic protection, for a healthy, more youthful looking skin.

These amazing global protection products include the active ingredient Phytactyl which comes from sargassum muticum, a type of alga that is known for its antioxidant properties. For centuries it has been a traditional oriental medicine that has been used to treat a plethora of illnesses, this will detoxify your skin whilst preventing any cellular damage that is caused by blue light and the sun. Lumicease is another innovative active ingredient that is actively present in all Júlia Bonet Sun Defence products. A microorganism that is extracted using sustainable methods, Lumicease is extremely resistant to any radiation, making it perfect for defence against any sort of light. It is adaptable to any skin type and situation whilst also shielding you from any chemical and environmental damages. The benefits go beyond harsh light exposure as Lumicease also creates a barrier of moisture for your skin. This means that whilst you’re sitting in front of your computer. tablet or phone screen, Júlia Bonet Sun Defence is not only shielding you from the damaging blue light, but also restoring your skin with the nutrients it needs in order to maintain a healthy and more youthful and plump appearance.

Take control.

Our lifestyles are rapidly changing, and our skin has got to keep up with these speedy changes! The world may be falling apart, but don’t forget to fall back on giving your skin the love it needs. During these times of uncertainty and mayhem, taking control of you and your skin is where the empowerment can be found. Don’t let blue light bring you down.



This blog post was written, and has now been published, in loving memory to the greatest woman of my life:

loving, vibrant, creative, non-judgemental, tolerant, caring, unique


Images: (Sleepreviewmag / Mitrefinch / Blossom / Healthline / Júlia Bonet / Mitonia)