Baby Love

At Mitonia, we’re constantly scouring the globe for innovative and effective products to bring directly to you. And while we’re dedicated to finding you the best-of-the-best in skincare, luxurious haircare, and irresistible fragrance from around the globe, we simply couldn’t forget about your little ones too!

Introducing Carelia Petits Natural Care

We’re over the moon to be introducing Carelia to the Mitonia family. Their totally natural products are specially designed by expert dermatologists with children and babies in mind, and their values of wellbeing and focus on natural products reflect perfectly with the Mitonia brand conscience.

The pioneering Spanish company was born as a result of the concerns of Inés Navas for the health, safety and wellbeing of her daughters Carla and Claudia, to care deeply for their skin while avoiding any harmful additives.

“I have always believed in the idea of cosmetics as being capable of combining efficiency and elegance with the essence of nature.” Inés Navas, Founder and Director of Carelia

The cleanest possible products
Even children with atopic or hypersensitive skin will benefit from Carelia products which only contain natural ingredients like oatmeal, marigold, honey, aloe vera and sweet almond oils to calm, soothe and protect against skin irritations.

Absolutely no parabens, mineral oils, sulphates or other potentially harmful additives are used to create the range, making it the cleanest possible care for babies and children.
The packaging is also environmentally friendly, made from HDPE or glass bottles, which don’t emit toxins and are easily recyclable.

The range of shampoo and bath gel, moisturising body lotions and gentle colognes have all been developed to care greatly for children’s skin and the gentle fragrances create delightful lasting memories.
Sceptical? Who hasn’t ever smelt a certain scent from their childhood and been transported to a pleasant memory from their past?

Baby massage
Baby massage has quickly become an essential part in many parents’ routines, and carries many benefits for both mother and/or father and baby. It’s a fantastic way of soothing and calming baby to sleep and is thought to help aid digestion, improve circulation and ease teething pain.

Also a positive way for you and your partner to bond with your baby, the soothing strokes of your hands stimulate the production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

Using a gentle and natural moisturiser, like Carelia Moisturising Body Milk gently stroke your baby’s skin and softly manipulate their ankles, wrists and fingers. This type of contact early on has been proven to help babies develop mentally, socially and physically, as well has promoting restful sleep and helping them to relax.

The perfect gift for new parents
If you’re looking for a beautiful baby shower gift, we can’t think of anything better than introducing new parents to the benefits of Carelia products for their children. The Carelia Premium Pack: Luxury Gift Box includes essential products from the Carelia range, and comes delightfully packaged in a luxury box.

Available throughout Spain, Carelia is only available in the UK via Mitonia.

[Images: Carelia]