Complete Care For Stretch Marks

For all skin types. Including those very dry, aged, damaged, prone to stretch marks

Specific preventive and restorative emollient treatment cream with a unique formula that provides softness and comfort to areas prone to stretch marks also existing areas with stretch marks. A combination of repairing active ingredients in high concentrations of Biologic Proteic Plasma (SHA) and Dragon’s Blood which protects the connective tissue from degradation and helps to reduce existing stretch marks restoring the skins elasticity and flexibility which helps to prevent new ones from forming.

With an innovative micelles delivery system, Super Stretch Mark Complex, this carries the active ingredients selectively and precisely in a combination with a micro-fluid film able to moisturize immediately and for a sustained period, providing a holistic treatment for stretch marks already formed. Enriched with natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Grape Seed, Thermal Water or Rose Hip Seed Oil that combats dryness and aging, providing nutrition and improving the appearance of the skin.

The skin is soft, radiant and renewed instantly.

Ideal for use during weight fluctuations (pregnancy, diet, periods of growth, sport, etc.)


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Dragon’s Blood, Biologic Proteic Plasma (SHA) 12%, Super Stretch Mark Complex, Reaffirming Molecular Film, Thermal Water, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Organic Aloe Vera, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Vitis Vinifera and Ruscus Extract

Product Description

Stretch mark product formulated with repairing active ingredients like biologic proteic plasma (SHA) and dragon’s blood which protects and repair the skin


Powerful dermo-repairing cream with renewal and repairing properties
Protects the skin tissue from degradation and helps to reduce marks providing elasticity and flexibility to the skin helping to prevent new ones from forming
Helps intensively the cell proliferation
Improves the overall appearance of the stretch mark, highlighting the softness and colour (75%) as well as elasticity, firmness and size reduction (18%)
Returns the silkiness to the skin
Reduces skin tension
Helps to improve skin surface, dryness and firmness
Improves the appearance of the area to treat and reduce the marks
Combats dryness and aging with protective and nourishing properties
Powerful antioxidant that acts against the agents that causes skin aging
Protects the skin from environmental stress and rebalances skin flora
Ideal for use during weight fluctuations
The skin regains its smooth, healthy and radiant look

Apply daily with a gentle massage over the areas to be treated until it’s completely absorbed. It is recommended to insist, in particular, in areas prone to stretch marks as well as in areas with existing marks massaging constantly on the surface of the stretch mark.


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