Relax. Renew. Regenerate.

For all skin types. Including damaged and sensitive skin.

Delicate repairing mask with creamy gel texture that melts into all skin types during the night providing a pleasant feeling and refreshing pleasure.

Its combination of powerful active ingredients such as Thermal Water, Biological Proteic Plasma (SHA), Vitamin B5 and Organic Aloe Vera which provide ultra-repairing properties and restores the skin balance, moisturizing and providing high protection to the skin.

Night shock treatment that stimulates the self-healing systems, strengthens the cellular detoxification process, reduces skin imperfections and provides the necessary nutrients and energy for visibly healthy, calm, radiant and rejuvenated skin.

The skin regains its vitality and natural radiance.


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Dragon’s Blood, Biological Proteic Plasma (SHA) 15%, Thermal Water, Cell-Detox Booster, Organic Aloe Vera, Desensitizing Hexapeptide, Allantoin, Vitamin A, C and E, Panthenol, Organic Calendula and Elderberry Extract

Product Description

A regenerative face mask formulated with thermal water, snail recreation, aloe vera, vitamin B5 to restore the skin balance and it’s moisture level.


Multi-functional dermo-repairing and renewal overnight mask
Renewal, repairing and regenerating properties
Helps to activate skin regeneration
Restores the balance of the skin, protects and moisturizes intensely
Reinforces the detoxification process of the skin cells
Provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort
Helps to prevent dehydration, improves flexibility and elasticity of the skin
Prevents the appearance of new lines and wrinkles
Anti-imperfections: suitable for healing treatments for acne, aging, minimizing scars, blemishes, irritation and/or redness
Reduces neurogenic inflammation and relieves itchy skin
Calms, relaxes and tones the skin also has anti-inflammatory properties
Repairs the skin by stimulating the self-healing system
Helps in the renewal process of the skin for a healthy appearance, helping to prevent the formation of spots and rashes

Use at night. Apply a generous amount on clean, dry skin on face, neck and neckline with a gentle massage (avoid the eye area). Leave it on all the night, and the next day, continue with your daily routine of cleaning and treatment. During the night, Overnight Mask provides the maximum refreshing and detoxifying properties to the skin.

If the skin is very tired, you can apply as a rescue therapy. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and rinse with warm water without rubbing and dry your skin. Continue your Miriam Quevedo A-Helix Advanced treatment.

To obtain an even greater sense of freshness, you can leave the mask in the refrigerator after each use.

100 ml / 3,38 fl.oz  Airless Pump


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