Intensive Global Minimizer Serum

For all skin types. Including those with acne, age spots, enlarged pores, redness or marks

Intensive global Serum with high a concentration of Biological Proteic Plasma (SHA) 100% thus taking intensive care  of the cutaneous fragility, renewing skin’s softness and flexibility.

A delicate and smooth texture that acts as a defence mechanism for the skin, increasing the tolerance level and improving the recovery process of the skin. Its light and not greasy texture, helps to renew, minimize and prevent skin imperfections, refines the skin surface and minimizes pores also normalizes skin imbalances.

In its formula it contains Phyto-Active Botanical Complex with a base of Cinnamon, Ginger and Sanguisorba that helps to reduce frequent redness in sensitive or damaged skins, leaving the skin silky, healthy and comfortable.

Renewal Concentrate repairs the imbalances and imperfections of the skin, smoothing the surface revealing a clean, smooth and renewed skin.

The skin recovers its vitality and natural radiance.


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Dragon’s Blood, Biological Proteic Plasma (SHA) 100%, Phyto-Active Botanical Complex

Product Description

A regenerative concentrate face serum with a high concentration of biological proteic plasma to intensive care  of the cutaneous fragility.

Helps to minimize and prevent imperfections
Helps to stimulate cellular proliferation intensely
Helps to normalize skin imbalances
Highly repairing and renewal properties
Helps to activate the skin’s regeneration process
Soothes the texture and the cutaneous surface
Helps to minimize enlarged pores (diameter, depth and number)
Helps to normalize skin imbalances
The best solution for the treatment of acne-prone skin, dyschromia, enlarged pores, sensitive or with marks
Rich in peptides that protects from environmental stress and improve the balance of skins flora
Intense care of fragile skin, renews the softness and flexibility of the skin
Increases the tolerance level of the skin
Reduce redness in those skins particularly sensitive or damaged
The skin visibly regains its luminosity

Use daily, morning and/or evening or as many times as necessary. Apply an amount equivalent to a small pearl (one pump of product) on cleaned skin. Apply using a light touch on the area of the skins pores or imperfections to be treated until it’s completely absorbed. Continue with your Miriam Quevedo A-Helix Advanced treatment ritual

20 ml / 0.7 fl.oz  Airless Pump


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    I’m using the product in those areas where I have enlarged pores and its amazing the results, the only downside is its a little costly, but the product lasts for a long time.

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    This product works wonders whenever I have a breakout. It is a true life saver!

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