Multi-protection Perfecting Cream

For all skin types. 

A perfectioning emulsion with highly repairing and renewal active ingredients and intelligent minerals that intensively stimulate the cell proliferation while activating the skin regeneration process.

Its light formula based on Thermal Water, Biological Proteic Plasma (SHA) and Dragon’s Blood reinforces the natural repairing capacity of the skin providing a unifying effect that hydrates and protects the skin from environmental stress favouring the balancing of skin flora. Enriched with Pomegranate Extract and Vitamin E gives antioxidant properties as well as smoothing and renewing the dermal texture with more elasticity and flexibility.

Because of its exquisite combination with mineral intelligent pigments, it minimizes the appearance of marks, acne, redness, blemishes or pores providing a soft natural colour that unifies the skin tone instantly.

The skin regains its vitality and natural radiance.

SPF 30

£ 50.75


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Dragon’s Blood, Biological Proteic Plasma (SHA), Thermal Water, Hyaluronic Acid Fraction, Allantoin, Vitamin E, Pomegranate Extract, Mineral Pigments

Product Description

This renewal BB cream is a highly repairing and renewal formulation that not only cover the skin imperfection but also activate the skin regeneration.


Even-toned: evens out the skin tone, a healthy and uniform tone instantly
Repair and Regenerate: stimulate cell proliferation intensively while activates the skin regeneration process due to its high concentration of Dragon’s Blood and Biological Proteic Plasm (SHA)
Correct: corrects and minimizes imperfections such as marks, redness, scars, acne or enlarged pores thanks to its light-weight and soft micro-texture. Ideal for sensitive and reddened skin. Reinforces the natural corrective and repairing capabilities
Moisturize: provides a light and uniform base that intensively hydrates thanks to its content of Hyaluronic Acid Fraction. Helps to prevent cutaneous dehydration
Prevents: prevents the appearance of new expression lines and wrinkles improving the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Smooths and renews its texture
Rebalance: favours the rebalancing of skin flora and protects against environmental stress.
Protect: thanks to its content of Vitamin E and Pomegranate extract with excellent antioxidant power acting against the agents that cause skin aging. Also, acts against the UVA and UVB rays due to its solar filters (SPF 30)
Smooth: promotes a smoother, softer and healthier look. Wrinkles and expression lines seem to vanish
Regulate: astringent and sebum-regulating activity
Brightens: enhances and promotes a brighter, flawless, smooth and renewed skin. Recovers a natural and uniform look

Apply every morning as the last step to your usual skincare program. Spread evenly over your face, neck and neckline until it’s completely absorbed. It provides a natural and flawless look.

Tip: In areas with higher imperfections re-apply a small quantity with gentle touches until it’s completely absorbed. It can be used either alone or under the makeup foundation.

50 ml / 1,75 fl.oz  Airless Pump


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